Facade Tender Documentation and Management



The goal of this phase:

  • Finishing of facade detail drawings and producing of facade shop drawing set
  • Preparing of facade tender documents without contradictions and as complete
  • Strategy developement and management to collect right proposals and to increase competition between bidders

Documents inside tender package:

Façade Shop Drawings:
As soon as architect and/or client representetive’s approval has been taken regarding schematic design of facade construction, the shop drawing set that includes — key drawings in 1:20, 1:40 or 1:50 scale, and —details in 1:1, 1:2, 1:2,5 or 1:4 scale is prepared (all drawings are in DIN A3 format).

Facade Technical Specification: This tender document provides detailed information regarding characteristics of facade structure in terms of building physic criteria, engineering calculations, national and international codes that shall be considered. Method statements and all information and descriptions regarding manufacture and installation process of the each facade system are included too.

Bill of Quantities: This tender document consist of lists that include short descriptions and quantities for all types of different facade works in order to use for collecting proposals.

Facade Codes Drawings: This tender documents consist of the key drawings that show all curtain wall types on elevations, sections and plans , and provide posibility to crosscheck the quantities and prepare a complete proposal for the bidders.

Façade Tender Management

Façade Tender Management

  • We set meetings with bidders in order to introduce the facade project and provide them all necessary information that help to prepare a complete and right proposal.

  • All proposal are examined by us. If there are improprieties, the related bidder is warned and request revision for the proposal immediately.

  • Detailed comparison tables are prepared and shared with the client and client’s representatives in order to make proposals easier comparable.

  • We provide contribution to the client during bargain and technical discussion.